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Supplier/manufacturer searches in foreign and Lithuanian markets

Based on the client’s needs and defined criteria, we implement product supplier search processes or search for component/product manufacturers worldwide. With the database accumulated by AGA Trade, we perform this operation promptly, ensuring a high-quality outcome.

Buyer searches in foreign and Lithuanian markets

After assessing the specificity of the products, we ensure the implementation of appropriate buyer search processes in foreign or Lithuanian markets. When necessary, we can negotiate the most favourable contract terms for the client and ensure the proper implementation and control of contract provisions.

Introduction of brands and products to foreign and Lithuanian markets

Our extensive experience in the field of product export and import has allowed us to accumulate knowledge about the specificities of various markets. This ensures correct tactical actions when introducing brands and products to designated foreign and Lithuanian markets, resulting in adequate use of clients’ time and resources and optimal outcomes for our clients.

Logistics services to foreign markets

Upon request, we implement logistics processes for products, ensuring the optimal cost of transporting products to designated markets and the reliability of the process.

Marketing services in foreign and Lithuanian markets

The AGA Trade team consists not only of in-house specialists in their respective fields but also freelance consultants from various sectors. Therefore, we offer clients a comprehensive one-stop-shop service package – from finding suppliers/manufacturers to marketing services for both newly established and long-standing businesses. All you have to do is to approve the marketing strategy and evaluate the results.

Consultations on export and import-related matters

At AGA Trade, we provide not only process management services but also consultancy for companies and individuals on all matters related to product export and import.

Product sourcing/production process management for private labels

At AGA Trade we provide services to private label owners. For private label owners, we meticulously select suppliers or manufacturers based on client needs. If necessary, we participate in negotiations for the most favourable contract terms and can ensure the proper implementation and control of contract provisions.

Expand your trading opportunities

We are flexible to your needs, providing services that cover the entire process or only specific parts of it. For personalised services and prices, please contact us.

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